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Donate BTC for
+10 % in 2 days!

Get Reward Automatically. Repeat.

MMM 3.0

man on money

How to:

1 Login to your account and find donation BTC address
2 Transfer the amount of BTC you want to donate to this address
3 2 days after donation, get back principal + 10% rewards automatically.

You can do it again and again!



Supported all Bitcoin address

Legacy, e. g. 1N4Qbzg6LSXUXyXu2MDuGfzxwMA7do8AyL.
Script, e. g. 3J98t1WpEZ73CNmQviecrnyiWrnqRhWNLy.
SegWit, e. g. bc1qfg9t7fwn0atn4yf9spca5502vk8dyhq8a9aqd8.
Taproot, e. g. bc1peu5hzzyj8cnqm05le6ag7uwry0ysmtf3v4uuxv3v8hqhca8ss2vuwx.

Payout Proofs for Last 3 Days

November 28th

November 27th

November 26th

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After 2 Days

If Donate today

29 Nov 2023

Reward will be

01 Dec 2023

System time:

29 Nov 2023

London time zone

Win-Win Concept

DeFi Donations is a decentralized automated protoсol that allows the extraction of yield from voluntary contributions of individual participants from all over the world.

The system of donations makes losing impossible. In case of any emergency, automatic regulator allows the system to continue operating.


Really Decentralized

No human factor.
All transactions inside the protocol are automated.



Allowed for anyone without an application or approval from a central authority.



No personal data is collected to ensure maximum safety of participants.

referral program

Get huge bonuses with Referral program

Invite your friends and receive bonuses each time they donate!

1 tier
for donation.
Сumulative bonus (monthly from one user.)
2 tier
for donation.
Сumulative bonus (monthly from one user.)
3 tier
for donation.
Сumulative bonus (monthly from one user.)

Bonuses paid the next day after donation of your referral.

* Cumulative bonus is estimated on the assumption that the referral continues to re-donate for the duration of the entire month.